Record storage

Archive and digitalize your files.

Paper Mountains are a thing auf the past.

Bring order to your archive basement—save up to 50% in costs for storage space, staff and logistics. Financial savings, highly flexible storage options and security thanks to proven processes are excellent reasons for using professional archiving.

Our services

Access protected storage area for authorized employees.

On request we digitalize your file archive.

Request files, we deliver them to your desk or by scan.

Video-monitored and sealed containers with special file shelves.

Destruction after expiry of the deadlines with security level III, DIN 327570.

Relocation of archives in special file transport containers.

We store your files!

We take care of the proper and legally required storage of your file archive. After the deadline has expired, we take equally careful care of the file destruction.

  • Recording and categorization of the data stock
  • EDP-supported recording by means of barcode label
  • Uniform storage system for years
  • Improved cost transparency for file archiving
  • Employees concentrate on the core business
  • Storage in sealed file containers in a closed storage room, alternatively high shelves
  • Protected against water, fire and burglary
  • Absolute discretion
  • Online-supported requesting of files conveniently from your workplace
  • Delivery of the desired files within 24 hours or faster as express delivery
  • Access to files only by trained personnel
  • Storage of files according to storage periods
  • Destruction after expiry of the deadlines according to the German Federal Data Protection Act §5, security level III, DIN 327570
  • Transport in special rolling file trolleys
  • Access to the files during transport guaranteed
  • Sorting of the files according to a logistics plan based on your system
  • Storage of your office material, e.g. your brochure stock
  • Constant monitoring of the stock
  • Prompt delivery of the desired quantities to your premises
  • Direct reordering when critical quantity is reached
  • Centralized purchasing holds savings potential for smaller companies

Our file logistics creates order.

Despite or perhaps because of the digitalization of today’s working world, the proper archiving of files and documents is more critical than ever.

But as every company with its own archive knows, it takes up a lot of time, manpower, money and space and can quickly turn every employee’s search into one of pure inconvenience. As a partner of AML Archiv- und Materiallogistik GmbH & Co. KG we take care of complete storage for you, using sealed file containers protected against water, fire and burglary. If you wish, we can deliver the relevant documents directly to your desk—even to different locations thanks to our network. We can also help you with your material logistics: From pens and paper to individual image brochures, we can procure, store and manage your daily office supplies.