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Planning a business relocation is an enormous challenge for companies. It’s not only the organization of working conditions at the new location that can be a real trial, but also ensuring a smooth and safe move in often time-critical environments. Hartmann Umzüge is your reliable partner to help you ensure that your employees can start working at their new location once the move has been successfully completed.

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Planning your business relocation—what needs to be considered?

When planning a relocation, there are many factors to take into account.

Besides the fact that the employees at the new location need to be able to start work on time and without delay, the preparations for such a move can involve huge amounts of other work. A number of areas need to be considered, starting with categorizing the individual items to be moved, to packing them, through to the insurance required for transport. Non-professionals always imagine that planning such a move is as easy as anything. However, planning a company relocation with dozens of employees or more involves taking many different aspects into consideration. These include data security during transport, the correct storage and repackaging of valuable machinery and, above all, clear documentation of all work during the move. The larger the company, the more complex the planning requirements become. It’s not only a little unrealistic to entrust inexperienced employees in the company with the planning of the move, but can also overtax them causing them a lot of unnecessary stress. This is because the planning tasks, which are often complex, and above all the costing of a move of this kind don’t usually play a major role in their normal day jobs. It is always advisable to plan your company move with the help of a professional logistic company and to have it carried out by the experts. This will ensure that the relocation is completed on time and without any expensive difficulties or other setbacks.

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Planning to relocate your business—why hire a professional?

Anyone who has moved home already knows the amazing amount of effort this entails. A company planning to move to a new location now needs to multiply this effort by x amount. Because not only the safety of the furniture and the removal goods is at stake, but the complexity involved in planning for locations with several hundred employees is considerably greater. Professionals not only use the appropriate special software to plan a company move, they can also draw on their own experience gained from hundreds or thousands of removals to identify and eliminate common difficulties early on. It is precisely this experience as well as the necessary technical facilities that define a professional when planning a removal. These days, a company that can plan a corporate relocation is certainly popular with its customers. After all, corporate relocations are usually critical in terms of dates and times and must be carried out quickly and with as few setbacks as possible. Only a true professional can plan such a removal and, in the process, pre-empt any potential issues.

Why plan your business relocation with Hartmann?

Planning your corporate relocation with Hartmann means you will never need to compromise. We have many years of experience in the planning and handling of removals and know the high standards that customers expect from a company that moves businesses. We will guide you through the process of well-structured preparation, take on all the tasks involved and ensure that everything runs smoothly from the first meeting through to the move to the new location. When you plan a corporate relocation with Hartmann, we make sure that all queries are answered and all factors are taken into consideration. From the first planning steps to the safe transport of furniture, removal goods and machines to setting up at the new location, our capable and well-trained employees will take care of everything. In this way, you can plan your business move without any risks and welcome your employees to their new company premises right on schedule. Our qualified specialists for all areas are ready and waiting to assist. If you need IT specialists, electricians, surveyors, security experts and other experts for your move, they are all available on call. This means that any problems can be effectively pre-empted at the planning stage of the relocation.

Contact us if you would like our Hartmann team to plan and carry out your corporate relocation. We will be happy to provide you with an offer tailor-made for your move.