Company relocation costs

What you should know about costs and services

Business relocation: What you should know about costs and available services

At some point, your company has grown so much that a move to access more resources and continue expanding has become inevitable. Then again, a new location can potentially open up new opportunities. Or maybe just an office needs to move to give a part of the company a new location. Or you need to delivery office furniture  and equipment to a home office.

No matter which scenario applies to you as a decision-maker: A relocation is a major challenge for companies, and one that should be professionally planned and carried out. After all, if business activities do not resume immediately in the new premises, this can lead to very expensive downtime and limited customer service. And that must be avoided at all costs. With such an experienced removal company as Hartmann International, you can be sure of all hands-on manpower you need so that nothing is left to chance in the imminent company move. The following provides you with a clear overview of what the moving costs entail. You can also use our online service to determine exactly what your plans will cost.

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Over 1,000 successful corporate relocations.

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98% of our removals are completely damage-free.

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Here you can start a price request directly and receive reliable data after just a few minutes. You also have the option to consider optional services for your company move. By the way, in line with our holistic range of services, we also carry out employee relocations if this should be necessary in your case.

Company relocation costs—what is covered?

In general, we offer you a comprehensive service for the applicable relocation costs. This service is tailored very precisely to your needs and local requirements.

Part of our professional approach is to get a picture of the situation on site. This enables us to make precise plans for all the processes involved and the necessary resources. When moving an office, the focus is primarily on the IT system as a whole. In this respect, our meticulous planning ensures that all important systems are operational again as quickly as possible. By using a highly efficient removal company, you will benefit from its valuable experience to help keep expensive downtimes to an absolute minimum. Perhaps you are planning an international move with your company? We can also provide you with specific cross-border support. In fact, in addition to the actual work involved in the relocation, we also take care of important administrative procedures (e.g. customs clearance).

In general, the services we offer for the relocation of your business can be divided into 3 aspects:

This last point means that you can book the services exactly as you need them for your requirements, which has a direct influence on the cost of moving. Additional services include cleaning, catering for your employees, taking meter readings, storing files, packing and labeling, disposal of unwanted items and that’s just the beginning. We will be happy to advise you!

Company relocation costs—what are the costs involved?

Basically, the costs depend on the resources required: How many items need to be moved, within what time frame and what distances are involved? These data form the basis for the applicable removal costs. Costs can be calculated on the basis of the number of employees in your company, as a certain number of cubic meters is allocated to each employee. However, we will need to visit your premises first to be able to make a firm calculation. Other individual services are also available for you to book. Material and labor costs are charged for packaging and clearly set out in an individual offer. This shows you how complex it is to calculate removal costs. That’s why we focus on integrated planning from the very beginning so that we can ensure a high degree of efficiency and profitability for both sides. Fixed rates for relocation costs may not be the right way to go for your company. So please use the option of requesting a free quotation. These reliable figures will then enable you to work out what your goal as a business owner needs to be.   

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Discover why corporate relocation costs are worthwhile—and why you should go with Hartmann!

Hartmann International is a removal company with a wealth of experience and many successful projects to its name. We do everything possible to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum with our 100% service promise. With this in mind, this puts the costs involved in a company relocation firmly into perspective. Attempting to carry out a company move on your own can quickly fail if nothing happens for days on end in the new premises. Choose Hartmann, a high-performance removal company so that you can continue concentrating on your core business.

One of the most attractive services we offer companies is the option of having a removal carried out over the weekend. This service-oriented approach virtually eliminates expensive downtime. For a successful move, every detail is taken into account right from the planning stage: With Hartmann, you can rely on experienced and tested processes and a well-rehearsed team that makes every move a success.