Furniture storage

In the long term or for the transition

Store your furniture securely and inexpensively with Hartmann

An external storage unit is a cost-effective option for storing furniture, garden tools or sports equipment. Companies can also cover their additional space requirements with secure and inexpensive self-storage. Documents, files and other office materials can be stored there dry and clean without taking up much needed space. Even if you are planning to move house, merge two households or you have inherited a property, it is easy and convenient to store your furniture in a storage facility. The storage boxes are usually locked, monitored and burglar-proof, thus protecting your possessions against theft and vandalism. Construction companies can also store valuable equipment and machinery in these boxes. The storage facilities are often located near the construction site. This is where the expensive equipment can be safely stored after a long working day so that it doesn’t have to be left overnight in the unlocked areas or brought back again every morning. A further advantage of external storage spaces is that they allow you to store your furniture at any given time. Agreements can be terminated quickly which means that there is no risk to the lessee when they are concluded.

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Container hall with restricted access and video surveillance

Provision of a storage container at the removal location

Temporary storage of office furniture and machinery on site

We store your furniture!

Sometimes furniture and other household goods have to be temporarily stored for the interim period. No problem, we are happy to help you and offer flexible storage options for every space requirement.

Hartmann is your expert for self-storage

Hartmann has years of experience in storing furniture.

The company’s friendly and competent team is trained to handle your property discreetly and with great care. Hartmann can offer you a convenient, all-round service for the storage of your goods, leisure articles and merchandise. Your furniture, tools or bicycles can be safely stowed away in the external storage facility, protected from damage. No matter whether you need a storage box for your personal use or for your business: Hartmann has the right storage space for you in its portfolio. With the right insurance, you can store your furniture with the professional company with double peace of mind. Depending on the option chosen, your possessions will be well protected up to a value of EUR 70,000. The company’s customer-oriented employees are always on hand to give you comprehensive advice. They will answer your questions, give you information about prices and storage options and work with you to find the right insurance for your belongings. With Hartmann’s all-round service, storing furniture is all the convenience with none of the stress!


Storing furniture with Hartmann is cost-effective and straightforward

Hartmann offers many different options for self-storage to cover all your needs. The practical storage boxes for stowing furniture are available in various sizes and price categories. This ensures that everyone can find the right storage space for their personal needs and requirements. The smallest storage boxes start at just 1 m² and are available from a very reasonable EUR 20 per month. The XL variant offers up to 20 m² of space for storing furniture and costs from EUR 228 per month. So, as you can see: An external storage space is not necessarily expensive or large. All of Hartmann’s self-storage boxes are also equipped with a reliable security system and can be accessed by you 24/7. Hartmann is available at any time for information about storing furniture.

Simply get in touch and find out more about the excellent price/performance ratio of this well-established company. For students there is an additional discount for storing furniture. Another advantage of Hartmann’s storage spaces is their ease of access. The storage boxes are located close to the A33 and B64 highways and are easy to get to. Give us a call today and find out all you need to know about the inexpensive and convenient way to store furniture with Hartmann.