Relocating to France

Relaxed emigration to France with Hartmann International

Relocating to France

When moving to France, there are a number of things to consider. Benefit from our expertise as removal professionals and enjoy the benefits of letting us help you move. We are well acquainted with the requirements of transporting goods to France. We know the customs regulations and can flexibly respond to any eventualities thanks to our reliable local partners. If you are planning to move to France, then look no further: No matter to what extent you need our professional assistance, we will take care of disposing your unwanted goods, coordinate the relocation and provide temporary storage for your belongings. When you move to France, we will also help you to complete the necessary paperwork and always keep your personal needs in mind. Your householdgoods are safe with us, because we look after your belongings with great care during the entire removal process and are always available to answer any queries you might have.

Our Services

Longstanding partner and relocation network in France.

Special transport packaging.

Processing of customs formalities according to the latest regulations.

We handle about 50% of our private moves internationally.

Our insurance company handles claims quickly & unbureaucratically.

98% of our removals are completely free of damage.

We plan your move!

We have already successfully completed over 100 moves to France. We know exactly what will be important for your move!

Hartmann the removal company—your expert for your relocation to France

As a successful removal company with many years of experience, we are the right partner for your move to France.

Our extensive global network of associates enables us to respond to your individual relocation needs and meet your requirements with utmost professional care. Whether you wish to move the contents of your two-room apartment or three-story house to France—moving with us will be straightforward and stress-free. Our friendly and reliable staff will advise you in your home, check the items to be moved and then calculate a fair fixed price. With our low-cost full service, you will always be on the safe side when it comes to emigrating to France. We take care of the entire planning of your move exactly as you require and ensure safe transport and protection of your valuable possessions throughout. Our experts are always on hand throughout the whole process to answer your queries and provide you with competent advice.

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Why choose the Hartmann removal company to relocate to France?

The Hartmann removal company can offer you the greatest possible flexibility when moving to France. We are available both for a full removal service and for do-it-yourself removals to other European countries. After all, long-distance removals are just as much a part of our core business as are moves for senior citizens or moves to a nearby town. You alone decide to what extent you would like us to support you in your move to France. To ensure that your furniture, electrical appliances and leisure items arrive safely in France, we will provide the best possible protection for them during transportation.

We will advise you on the appropriate transport insurance and, if you wish, arrange this with you. This will ensure maximum protection for your belongings when you move to France. By choosing the Hartmann removal company, you can also benefit from another major advantage: When emigrating to France, you will have one single point of contact! If required, we will take over the temporary storage of your goods and provide you with a clean and dry lockable container right outside your front door. Alternatively, we can store your possessions in one of our heated storage facilities for an interim period. Contact us today and send us your relocation request. Once you have filled out the easy-to-use form, we will send you a quote!