Relocating to the USA

Professionally planned & competently implemented

Relocating to the USA

A move to the USA requires a lot of expertise, compliance with all import regulations and professional logistics. As you will be working in the USA, have you finally received that long-awaited green card and a social security number? So, now you’re facing the next challenge. The move to America must be professionally organized, planned in detail and completed for you on time, including all the required customs procedures. Why not forego the risks of organizing everything yourself and instead opt directly for an expert to competently manage your move to the USA—a professional who will accompany you from packing your boxes to delivering your furniture and more to your new home.

Our services

Longstanding partner and relocation network in the USA.

Transport in special overseas packaging.

Processing of customs formalities according to the latest regulations.

We handle about 50% of our private moves internationally.

Our insurance company handles claims quickly & unbureaucratically.

98% of our removals are completely free of damage.

We plan your relocation

When moving overseas, it is best to trust an expert like Hartmann international. We know what needs to be considered, we know the valid customs regulations and we also take care of the professional transport packaging.

Information about relocating to the USA

Sometimes a green card may arrive unexpectedly leaving you with the question of how to deal with all the organizational details for you and your family.

A move to the USA is a complex matter involving many documents, lots of information and plenty of red tape. There are strict import regulations, customs controls that should never be underestimated and the fact that your arrival and that of your furniture can seldom be perfectly timed to coincide. Furthermore, it’s not necessarily an easy task to find accommodation right away without searching long and hard—never mind obtaining a social security number. Lean back and relax and leave it to Hartmann as your removal company to organize and manage your relocation to the USA. Our services go far beyond the offerings of a pure removal company. If you wish, we can also take care of the search for a home, a school or day care center, the paperwork and all the preparations for beginning a new life in the USA. As a new resident of the USA, you will have no social security unless you are employed by an employer in the USA. Very few migrants are aware of the issues involved and know which official channels are necessary when moving to America—or why it is important for you to take precautions in Germany before emigrating.


Hartmann — the expert for your move to the USA

Moving within Germany or Europe is not a major challenge. But if your heart is set on the USA, you have received your green card after a long wait and can now enter the country, then the organizational marathon has only just begun. Look forward to your move—which we will organize and carry out for you. Hartmann is your expert for any relocation to the USA that you would like to complete without the stress and hassle of customs. We know all the best tips and all the import regulations, customs procedures and required documents. If you would like your emigration to be straightforward and hassle-free, simply contact a specialist directly and best of all come to Hartmann in Paderborn. Your personal gear, furniture and most of your possessions will travel to the USA by sea. We recommend that you first make the move to the USA yourself and have your furniture sent to you once you have found somewhere to live. Because we offer easy storage, you can set off on your own with peace of mind and without having to worry about your furniture arriving on American soil before you can provide a regular address for delivery.

Why relocate to the USA with Hartmann?

Leave the hassle of moving to the USA to us—without the appropriate experience and routine, it would inevitably be stressful. The import regulations are strict and the formalities should never be underestimated. We would be happy to explain to you in a personal consultation what is really important and why a move to the USA is a job for a professional removal company. Before you start your move, think carefully about what you need and want to take with you. Because even if we organize your move to the USA at a reasonable price, costs will still arise that depend on the quantity of items to be moved. At Hartmann, we will provide you with a full service, including help with all bureaucratic procedures, en route to your new home in the USA. Are you interested to know if you are insured by social security or what you have to do to get into the state pension scheme in the USA? We will support you from the first step until your arrival overseas. As your relocation company, we can help you start your life in the USA with peace of mind.