We store furniture, household goods and files for you


A move is a good opportunity to get clear about what you still need or what no longer finds a place in the new environment. We also offer the perfect solution for this question: With us you can store furniture, household items and everything else that you would like to keep but cannot or do not want to take with you to the new apartment. Securely packed and protected from unauthorized access, we store everything from household goods to valuable antiques. Your belongings are always in good hands in our video-monitored and heatable container storage facility. Guaranteed.

Container storage facility

On the one hand, you can easily store your furniture in our container warehouse with around 150 20-foot containers. The stored goods are kept safe and secure with us by video surveillance and heatable storage rooms.

Self Storage from 1-20 m²

Or you can use our new self-storage warehouse Lager24/7 in which we offer you individual storage boxes from 1 to 60 cubic meters for your personal stored goods. For example, you can store your seasonal decoration items, garden furniture or similar things optimally until the next use, without these things standing in your way and taking up space. Through a 24/7 access system, you have access to your stored goods at any time.


I will be happy to help you with the planning.

You are welcome to temporarily store a large part of your belongings during the move and then take your time to stock your new home with household goods, furniture and other personal items. Often you will then realize which items you will no longer need in the future.

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