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Are you planning to relocate your company, a department or individual workstations? In this case, we are the right company for you, a partner who knows what’s important. After all, removals are what we do every day—be it businesses, retirement homes, offices, banks, clinics or production facilities.

Our services

Over 1,000 successful corporate relocations.

Full service corporate relocations from 1 to 2,000 workstations.

Company move also over the weekend.

Minimal downtime due to professional planning & implementation.

Claims are handled quickly & unbureaucratically by our insurance company.

98% of our removals are completely damage-free.

Let uns plan your company and office relocation!

We are real experts for your company and office relocation and convince with minimal downtime for your company. Ask us without obligation, we will be happy to make you an offer!

Details of our services

Meticulously planning a move saves both time and money

Relocating a business when time is of the essence is particularly challenging for removal companies. Every delay and complication during the move can mean losses for your business. Careful planning and consideration of all factors therefore plays a key role.

As experienced removal professionals, we inspect the premises, check all transport routes and determine an exact schedule, hand in hand with the removal customer, so that the office, including the IT system, is fully up and running again as quickly as possible.

This is the only way to avoid downtime and unexpected costs. Planning well-organized removals requires experienced project managers in the removal company to coordinate all logistic services to perfection. When it comes to the tricky subject of office removals or company relocations, you can only rely on real professionals. We also organize international company relocations, taking care of all the necessary documents, official procedures and customs clearance.

We can also arrange any necessary employee relocations, whether within Germany or abroad. From visa applications, finding accommodation, refurbishments, selecting schools for the children, terminating contracts—we will take care of everything. Learn more about our full-service employee relocation services.

Planning and preparation of office removals

  • Visiting the premises
  • Documentation of previous damage (office, stairwell, building)
  • Making an inventory of all objects (furniture, equipment, appliances, machines, etc.)
  • Concluding a suitable transport insurance policy
  • Planning ahead for the transport of removal goods to save time on the removal date
  • Determining which objects are for disposal
  • Checking if (air-conditioned) storage is necessary
  • Investigating if special file archiving is required
  • Determining if sensitive files need to be destroyed
  • Checking if special packaging material is required
  • Taking into account the precise dates for handover, moving out and moving in
  • Establishing the sequence for dismantling/assembly of furniture, inventory and equipment
  • Determining the best room order for removal and moving in
  • Determining transport routes and maneuvering areas
  • Defining places for packing and loading
  • Checking access heights
  • Taking escape routes into account
  • Checking lifts for load capacity
  • Scheduling the use of special lifts and outdoor lifts
  • Taking no stopping zones into account

Ensuring the move goes smoothly on the day

  • Disassembly/assembly of office furniture and equipment
  • Professional dismantling and reassembly of kitchen, electrical appliances and lighting
  • Secure packaging and labeling
  • High-quality packaging material such as sturdy moving boxes
  • Special packaging material such as bubble wrap, covers, PC trays, hanging file inserts
  • Packaging material also for sensitive goods (protective films, etc.)
  • Covering of susceptible flooring
  • Securing free transport routes and parking areas
  • Protection of the removal goods in bad weather
  • Special refrigerated vehicles (e.g., for laboratory moves)

Additional services for office removals

  • Cleaning of the old and new offices/premises
  • Dusting technical equipment
  • Catering for your employees on the day of the move
  • Reading the meters and reporting to the energy supplier
  • Changing telecommunication and electricity providers
  • Setting up a mail forwarding order
  • Special transport of bulky/heavy goods (machines, safes, etc.)
  • Transport of valuables (documents, art objects, etc.)
  • Special refrigerated/air-conditioned vehicles (e.g., for laboratory moves)
  • Full service also available for international business relocations