Relocating to New Zealand

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Relocating to New Zealand

A move is always associated with the start of a new, exciting chapter in life. There is so much to do and so much uncertainty. The further away the move is from home, the more there is to plan. If you are considering moving to New Zealand for professional or personal reasons, this will be a huge step to take for the whole family. Before you emigrate, you will certainly want to go through all the formalities meticulously to ensure you get the perfect start abroad. With this goal in mind, leave your plans in the capable hands of Hartmann. We will provide a comprehensive range of services to support you with your upcoming move to New Zealand so that you can start your new life with as carefree as possible.

Our services

Longstanding partner and relocation network in New Zealand.

Transport in special overseas packaging.

Processing of customs formalities according to the latest regulations.

Minimal downtime through professional planning & execution.

Our insurance company handles claims quickly & unbureaucratically.

98% of our removals are completely free of damage.

We plan your relocation!

Together we will discuss all details that are important for you and your individual relocation.

Important information about moving to New Zealand

By organizing perfect international removals, we aim to ‘accompany’ you to New Zealand with everything you need to make your move as carefree as possible.

We know which formalities have to be taken into account to help you achieve your goals once you have moved to New Zealand. A New Zealand residence permit, also known as “Permanent Residence”, is absolutely essential. You will need this if you want to emigrate to New Zealand and live or work there indefinitely. There are different ways to obtain this permit. Ranging from family reunification to investment, there are many possible options. You are covered by the public health insurance system (National Health Insurance) if you have a right of residence or a work permit with a minimum validity of two years. If you intend to work in New Zealand, you will need a tax number. However, to be able to participate fully in life you will need to open a bank account. As you can already see here: All these formal aspects and the necessary logistics for transporting your household goods to New Zealand make it almost impossible to manage the move abroad single-handedly without any form of professional assistance.


Hartmann—your expert for international moves to New Zealand

We are happy to advise you personally in the run-up to the move regarding New Zealand laws as well as take care of the necessary administrative procedures. One major way of helping you to arrive successfully in New Zealand on your first day is by supporting you in your search for a school, kindergarten or accommodation. Besides that, we take into account all legal requirements when moving to New Zealand, such as New Zealand import and customs procedures. Incidentally, companies can also use us to professionally plan employee relocations to New Zealand.

Our top priority is to help you and your family relocate to New Zealand without having to worry about your new life abroad before you go. If you are planning to emigrate you are making a conscious decision for an international relocation service by choosing Hartmann. We are members of UTS, an international network for removals and transportation.

More than 140 other companies can be found in this network, whose services we can access as required. Thanks to this efficient network abroad and many years of experience, we can arrange a relocation to New Zealand of any size and complexity and to schedule.


We analyze your personal requirement profile, so that a smooth process is guaranteed.


We inspect your property and then offer you a comprehensible relocation cost calculation with a transparent fixed price.


Hidden additional costs do not exist with respectable removal companies like Hartmann International.

Why choose Hartmann for your relocation to New Zealand?

It’s best not to leave anything to chance when taking such a huge step. You will surely want to enjoy that great feeling of knowing that you have done everything necessary before you leave. Transporting your furniture to New Zealand in particular requires reliable logistics to ensure that schedules can be reliably planned. After all, you want to be able to use your furniture as soon as you arrive in your new home. With Hartmann, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and effort even before your move to New Zealand, because our team will literally take everything off your hands. Your furniture will be transported safely and handled with great care.

Especially when it comes to emigration, the question of which furniture is really still needed arises at the very latest when everything is being packed up. Our full service for relocation to New Zealand also offers you the flexible option of temporary storage. This option gives you the flexibility to spend a certain period of time abroad before making your decision. In this instance, you can choose between dust-free lockable containers right outside your front door or heated storage facilities. As you don’t have to move your property around, you not only save money but also effectively prevent damaging your belongings.

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Having Hartmann International at your side means you have an experienced company to organize everything perfectly and get you off to a successful start in all areas of life. An efficient local network can provide solutions for whatever challenges may arise.

Please request a non-binding relocation quote online here. In just a few minutes you will know what you can expect to pay for a move to New Zealand.