Relocating to South America

When the Pacific and Atlantic embrace life

Relocating to South America

Can you already smell it—that unique mix of subtropical woods, heat-soaked atmosphere and the green moisture of the rainforests? A trip to Argentina, Brazil or Chile is an experience you’re not likely to forget so quickly. But how does it feel if this trip takes place without an imminent return flight ticket? Would you feel excited, intrepid, a bit nervous—or maybe a little bit of everything mixed together?

Whether you are emigrating or moving overseas for work: We are your professional partner for your relocation to South America. With our full service, you can sit back and relax as your new life unfolds surrounded by the Andes and fabulous Patagonian landscape.

Our Services

Transport in special overseas packaging.

Customs formalities are completed in accordance with the latest regulations.

Processing of customs formalities according to the latest regulations.

We handle around 50% of our removals internationally.

Our insurance company handles claims quickly and without unnecessary bureaucracy.

98% of our removals are completely damage free.

Let us plan your move!

We can help you with your move to South America. We have several decades of experience in removals to Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere in South America that make us real experts in moving to that part of the world!

Overcoming hurdles — move to South America with Hartmann International

Just moving within the same country is complicated enough that it requires professionals who are familiar with all the challenges.

This is especially true if you only have a limited time frame in which to carry out the move. If an international move overseas is on the agenda, the list of tasks multiplies.

In addition to the usual removals issues such as transporting moving boxes and furniture, there also customs formalities, residence permits and taking out new insurance to focus on. Although a large part of the population in the major conurbations of highly developed countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile or Venezuela speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese language barriers will be the first hurdle.

It is advisable, especially in official matters, to organize a professional partner to help you with official procedures. Forget about the despachantes—people whose services are frequently used in Brazil to take care of official business for third parties. Hartmann International can offer you a one-stop, reliable all-round service for your relocation to South America.


Hartmann International—the expert for your relocation to South America

We will come to your home to get an idea of your current situation and to provide you with detailed, personal and reliable advice to get you off to a good start in South America.

When a date for your move has been set, we will provide you with moving boxes with a transparent labelling system. Since every move is unique—maybe you want to transport a work of art, your piano or an expensive Chinese vase—we will supply you with special overseas packaging materials. We can also organize transport insurance packages specially tailored to your needs to provide you with additional security for your shipment.

Our well-organized logistic processes enable us to carry out your removal door to door. We set up no stopping zones and use external lifts to bypass even narrow stairwells. If you wish, we can take care of packing your belongings, and any dismantling and unpacking at the destination.

By the way: We can also carefully take your fitted kitchen apart and prepare it for the long journey.

Our team carries out tasks that include organizing truck loading, booking and loading sea containers, arranging transport to the port of departure with subsequent container loading, and monitoring export clearance and sea freight. Once the cargo has reached the destination country, we handle the port and customs clearance according to the latest regulations as well as its delivery to the destination. In addition to container return, we offer (air-conditioned) storage and interim storage options as well as the disposal of your unwanted goods. If required, our specialists can take over any necessary re-assembly work in Argentina, Brazil, Chile or other South American destination.

Comprehensive one-stop service—moving to South America with Hartmann International

We are members of the international FIDI network for removals and transportation. Our highly qualified experts understand the challenges you face when moving to South America. In addition to the transport of your belongings, we can take care of official matters, customs procedures and your search for accommodation. You can also leave the search for a school or kindergarten place in our capable hands.

We offer you the benefit of having a single point of contact who can provide you with all the services you need for relocation to South America from one source. After a personal consultation at your location where we inspect the removal goods, we will calculate a fixed price for you. This fixed amount will enable you to plan your move—no strings attached. We will respond flexibly to your needs and give you the peace of mind you need to move to Argentina, Brazil, Chile or another South American country knowing that you are in good hands.

Leave the stress of your move to us and start enjoying that feeling of excitement and anticipation instead!