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We traditionally attach a high level of importance to training the next generation. We deliberately carry out our training internally, so that we can work together with our apprentices to find the right position within our company which matches their specific talents and interests.

To this end, we think a lot about how we can further develop our training programmes as well as how we can best incorporate social changes. We currently run seven different apprenticeships, whereby our trainees rotate through different departments and become familiar with the multifaceted nature of the industry very early on.

During and after their training, we provide additional support for our staff with further training and advanced education programmes. Thanks to a credible remuneration system, our trainees can approach their tasks at school and work without any worries about their financial security.

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Tasks: Furniture, kitchen and removal service specialists deliver kitchens, furniture, appliances and other items, pack household goods items for moving and work in the warehouse. They assemble and disassemble kitchens and furniture, install electrical devices and ensure that water pipes and ventilation systems are properly connected.

Requirements: Certificate of secondary education (Hauptschulabschluss)

Length of apprenticeship: 3 years

Tasks: Office management specialists organise and execute office-related tasks. They also handle commercial tasks in fields such as order processing, procurement, accounting, marketing and personnel management.

Requirements: Good secondary school level qualifications or equivalent (Realschulabschluss)

Length of apprenticeship: 3 years

Tasks: In freight haulage, professional drivers are primarily on the road in heavy goods vehicles. They spend a lot of time behind the wheel and know the different traffic regulations at home and abroad. Before they start their journey, they carry out a takeover and pre-departure inspection of the vehicle. This includes checking key areas such as the wheels, the engine and that the brakes are in good working order. Following this, they then accept the goods to be conveyed or passenger luggage. They must ensure that the load’s weight is evenly distributed and check through all the documents carried and any vehicle signage that may be required, depending on the cargo

Requirements: Certificate of secondary education (Hauptschulabschluss)

Length of apprenticeship: 3 years

Tasks: Warehouse logistics specialists accept cargo, check it and store it appropriately. They compile deliveries and tour schedules, load and dispatch cargo. Furthermore, they help to optimise logistics processes.

Requirements: Secondary school qualifications (Realschulabschluss), good certificate of secondary education (Hauptschulabschluss)

Length of apprenticeship: 3 years

Tasks: Warehouse clerks accept goods and store these in an appropriate manner. They prepare deliveries for dispatching and direct goods to the appropriate locations on site.

Requirements: Certificate of secondary education (Hauptschulabschluss)

Length of apprenticeship: 2 years

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