Relocation to Great Britain

How your new life in England and Co. gets off to a perfect start

Relocation to Great Britain:

Are you about to embark on a new adventure, spending your future life under the flag of the Union Jack? If you are saying goodbye to Germany and planning a move to England, Scotland or Wales, you are facing a huge challenge that is associated with a lot of joy, but is also accompanied by uncertainty. It often takes a while to settle into life in faraway London or another destination in the UK. A partner who can manage your move to England or another British destination can help you get started in this new life. As a company specialising in removals to England or Scotland in general, or London in particular, we can give you the peace of mind you need to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Regardless of whether you are moving to the UK privately or to London & Co. for professional reasons, we are there for you with our in-depth expertise for the island in all matters relating to your change of residence. Entrust us with the small details of your move that are often overlooked but make a big difference.

Our services

Long-standing partner and relocation network in England

Special transport packaging

Handling of customs formalities in accordance with the latest regulations

We handle around 50% of our private removals internationally

Our insurance handles claims quickly and unbureaucratically

98% of our removals are completely damage-free

We are the partner for your move!

By the way: Do you want to move back to Germany from London or another destination? We are also your perfect partner for a change of residence from Scotland, England or Wales.

Hartmann Umzug & Projektlogistik

Your advantages when moving to England, Wales & Co. with the expert full service solution.

From packing your belongings to registering with the local authorities in the UK: We can take care of every last detail of your move to England, Scotland and Wales on request. Instead of having to make complicated arrangements, you can simply rely on one contact person who holds all the strings in their hand. Moving to London and other Union Jack destinations couldn’t be easier.


International networking

In the UK, the wind blows differently in some respects than it does in Germany. That’s why we rely on a network of specialists who are perfectly familiar with the local conditions. In co-operation with our partners, we ensure that your move to Scotland, England and Wales goes off without a hitch.

Removal goods customs clearance

Export, import and customs are a closed book for many people. We take care of all customs formalities for you so that you don’t have to deal with them in addition to your other important tasks.

Relocation Service

Once your move has been planned, our services are far from over. If you wish, we can help you find a new home in London or elsewhere. We also take care of registrations and other administrative formalities in the UK. So you can let our experts take care of your relocation with complete peace of mind.

Transport insurance

Whilst still in Germany, we ensure that your removal goods arrive safely on the island. At your special request, we can also take care of the packing. Despite all the measures taken and the best care, an unexpected incident can occur during the transfer to England, etc. To ensure that you are well protected against transport damage in an emergency, Hartmann Removals takes out transport insurance for your move to England & Co.

Specialised expertise for Great Britain

As a specialist for removals to England and other British destinations, it is necessary to be very familiar with the country-specific circumstances. We therefore offer specialised services that are tailored to England, Wales etc. and differ significantly from the mainstream solutions. As we have many years of extensive expertise in the field of relocating to the UK, we can always guarantee you an exceptionally high quality of service.

Moving from Germany to England & Co. or back – Hartmann Umzüge is your ideal partner for this

Our relocation concept for a change of residence to England etc. does not end at the German national borders. We also keep an eye on all the little details for you at all times. Decide for yourself which services we can take over for you when you move to England or back. It doesn’t matter whether it’s our full service or just the transfer of your personal belongings: Put together the services yourself according to your individual requirements.

You don’t want to take your entire household with you to the UK, but want to leave some of it in Germany for the time being? We can offer you a storage facility in Germany for your belongings so that you can decide later in England what you want to take with you to the island. We can store your belongings in a clean, sealed container. This in turn is stored in a heated warehouse. This means you don’t have to move your belongings several times and you can enjoy the cost savings and keep your piggy bank happy in England. Have you finalised your plans for your move to England and want to get started soon? We are happy to be part of your project and make your move to the UK easier in every respect.

Contact our specialists and let us get the project off the ground.